Report from Fistballers in Japan.

12.11.04 This is a small report of what Fistball is doing in Japan.
The Fistballers are located now in two locations in Japan!
The original place of Fistball in Japan is Akita, which is located in the north part of Japan.
They have about 20 players in Akita.
The newest area is in Tokyo, which has about 10 players. These players are mostly University Students.

I have visited the Fistballers in Japan three times now, and I must say they are really trying to go in the right direction.
They have a normal Training day every Saturday, and a extra day on Thursday. They try to play only outside. (These pics were made on 06.11.04)

I have taught them normal trainings procedures that we use in good old Germany, basic ball training, defense, setting, and attack. I have only very lightly talked about strategy.

I think that the Womenīs team has really improved in the last three years. I do not have an opinion of the Menīs team because I have never seen the whole Menīs team together.

Here are some Pics!!!
The setup (looks like Faustball) Me with Yukiko (She is also the contact person)
Ooops (Foul, übertreten) Looks Like Faustball
Whereīs the ball? And a short one!!
Here comes a serve!!	The Set!
And Attack!! The Gang from Akita!!
The Gang with me! Typical Japanes party time, Drink lotīs of beer and singing
Whew!! its hot in here!!	Paul McCartney he ainīt!!
Even Faustballers need love!!	Donīt ask!!
Well thats it!! If anybody wantīs to talk to the Japanes team, here is the contact email address. The young ladyīs first name ist Yukiko.

I have visited now the American and the Japanese teams and am happy to see that Fistball is growing outside of Europe.

I think that it is important that we cultivate these new teams to make the sport more larger in their respective countries.
If it becomes larger maybe it would help the dying feeling we have here in Europe.

If you have any questions about Fistball in Japan or in USA, please feel free to contact me at or .
As my friend from Switzerland always says,
Think Fistball!!!